Frequently Asked Questions

What is Citrus?

Citrus prevents you from getting distracted, while you’re trying to be productive. Add the sites that you are normally distracted by and set the timer. While the timer is running, the sites that you want to see will be blocked, allowing you to be more productive. When the timer runs out, you can get back to having fun!

Citrus is extremely simple to use and very straightforward.

What is the difference between Citrus and Concentrate?

Citrus is an evolution from Concentrate. Unfortunately,¬†because our founder was a not smart enough to do a proper backup of the “key” file that Google provides, he couldn’t update Concentrate anymore. So, he had to create Citrus and he has 3 copies of that “key” file in different locations, so we’re pretty confident he won’t be klutzy again. For those who have been using Concentrate and looking to switch to Citrus, we really hope you do. If you want to continue to use Concentrate, please feel free to do so, but please realize that you will not be receiving any updates.

How does Citrus look like?

Here are some screenshots, but the best way to test it out freely is to get the extension. 

Install Citrus


How much does Citrus cost?

Citrus is free. As we add more features, we will introduce costs for those features but the basic functionality will always be free. We promise.

Is Citrus Open Source?

At this moment, Citrus is not open source, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can improve Citrus.